Dear Ellen: It started with the Dinotrux

I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres. No particular reason. Just because I can.

Dear Ellen,

This discussion began over a couple of Dinotrux figures my son has.  The yellow and green one was a Christmas gift from Santa.  My husband Santa played with it extensively before choosing this particular toy for our four-year-old son.  A few days ago, my son acquired a second Dinotrux character which inspired this conversation between him and his three-year-old sister.

Baby boy: (Scratching his head) It’s bewildering.

Baby girl:  Quite right, Bobo. It doesn’t seem to have any of the features of your other one.

Baby boy: Excellent observation, Sissy.  Revvit (pictured below)


talks when you pull the tape measure out of his mouth and when you pull his tail, the drill bit in his head spins around. This one doesn’t have any of those features.

Ty Rex

Baby girl: I concur with your observations.  He doesn’t speak, he doesn’t have any tools protruding from his body parts. How does momma propose we play with him.

Baby boy: She suggested I use my imagine and pretend that he talks and has moving tools.

Baby girl: Momma’s recent behavior has been rather alarming.  Just the other day she told me the most outrageous story.

Baby boy: Do tell, Sissy.

Baby girl: It was most amusing.  She told me that she had a baby girl growing inside of her belly.

Baby boy: You’re pulling my leg.

Baby girl: Not at all.  She insisted that there was a baby girl inside of her belly and then suggested I kiss it.

Baby boy:  Kiss it?  Why?

Baby girl: I have no idea.

Baby boy: Most fascinating.  Of course, you have to admit that Momma’s belly has grown in size over the last few months.

Baby girl: Quite true.  However, I assumed it was from eating three months worth of Christmas cookies.

Baby boy: Your hypothesis of her size increase is far more plausible than her insistence that she has a baby growing in her belly.

Baby girl: Oh! I forgot the most entertaining part of her story.

Baby boy: What?

Baby girl: Momma told me that you and I were both babies inside of her belly at one time.

Baby boy: That’s just ridiculous!  We’d never fit inside of her belly. We’re far too large.

Baby girl: Quite right.

Well, Ellen, I think it’s safe to say that come the end of May, my kids are gonna be in serious shock.

Coming Soon!


A. Marie


I’m excited to report that the first of my three New Year’s resolutions came true this afternoon.  We took down the Christmas tree before Valentine’s Day.

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