Dear Ellen: My daughter has a playlist

Sometimes I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres. No particular reason. Just because I can.

Dear Ellen,

Every afternoon….and sometimes all night long, the two year old wakes up shrieking at the top of her lungs.  I race into her room…every time….under the impression that something is actively eating her – because that’s what the volume of her scream implies.

As I try to pick her up, she flails her arms, continuing to scream as though I’m the monster trying to eat her which is completely ridiculous. I don’t eat raw meat. Sometimes she’ll even smack me in the face when I’m trying to comfort her. At this point my glasses go flying off of my face and then I have to set her down-which makes her scream even louder- and feel my way around the floor, searching for my glasses.

Sigh. We’ve played this game every. Freakin’. Night. and every. Freakin’. Afternoon for TWO years!

The only thing that eventually calms her down is her playlist.  She’s very particular about her playlist. No boys allowed!

I thought since it was Friday, and you love to dance, I’d share my daughter’s playlist with you, Ellen. I think you’ll get a kick out of the music videos that calm her down. I know I do!


A. Marie

There’s one song on this playlist I sing to my child when she’s this frantic. Let’s just say the lyrics are….appropriate for how I feel when she gets this way.  See if you can guess which song it is!

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10 thoughts on “Dear Ellen: My daughter has a playlist

  1. So I watched the first couple of songs – Fireworks was, well, I’d never seen the video (okay, so age me) and I have to say, in the only way I can, that I was impressed with it being about people who, well, me, sort of, and I never knew that. I mean, I thought it was about some dude or babe who was like super rad and toasty – well, if this isn’t the song your two-year old requires for some reason I’ve forgotten, so be it. But I dug it. Sorry I couldn’t listen to all the songs as I have other things to do – as, I’m sure, Ellen does. But keep writing her, Ellen, as I’m sure one day it will pay off – like, maybe.

  2. Yeh, little ones see the world in different ways to us. Something in all that action and unusual which holds her attention. Ask her in a few years if she can remember why. Although at a different age group I can remember watching my daughter (7 going on 8 at the time) watching and copying David Byrne’s moves on the official video for ‘Once in a Lifetime’, and quite lost in the music. (Here’s hoping for you the screams wear off soon)

  3. I’m really, really sorry you and your daughter have to go through this after every nap–the music, I mean. Not really. I like these songs. “All About the Bass” and “Firework” cheer me up, too.

  4. Each time has its own music. But now it’s better to celebrate Christmas, dear Marie, and dear Ellen: Oh jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way!
    Happy Holidays!

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