Dear Ellen: You’ll never guess where we found the Easter egg!

Sometimes I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres. No particular reason. Just because I can.

Dear Ellen,

Last week was a madhouse of Easter activities. We took our kids to their very first Easter egg hunt at a friend’s house. My husband followed our son around and I ran after followed my daughter around.  It didn’t take her long to figure out what she was supposed to do.  The problem was getting her to stop.  Like the aspiring shoplifter that she is, when she couldn’t find any more eggs to pick up off the ground, she started going after the eggs in baskets belonging to the other kids.

Then came Easter Sunday.  We got the kids up and dressed and left for the early service at church.  The second we arrived, our son started to freak out because we hadn’t been to church since Christmas in a few weeks and therefore it was a strange, unfamiliar place to him. My daughter could have cared less about all the strangers. She had bigger fish to fry and none of them were located in the pew we sat down in. The service hadn’t started yet when it became clear to me I was going to have to take her to the nursery which is unmanned. Taking her there also meant I’d have to stay there with her.

Twenty minutes into the service, my husband brought my son down to the nursery and then left so he could attend the service.  (I’ll have to send him a little “thank you” card for that.) Near the end of the service, my husband returned so that I could go upstairs for the last ten minutes.

I barely sat down when my husband tapped me on the shoulder.

“Did you know Bobo had an accident?” he asked.

“No,” I said. “Oh crap.”

“Good guess,” my husband said smiling.

“He didn’t?”

“Yes, he did,” my husband said.

As fate would have it, Ellen, my son was so moved by the pastor’s sermon that he laid an Easter egg inside of his Thomas the Train underpants. So much for attending church at Easter.  But there is a silver lining to everything.  This was the first time in months I was up and dressed before noon.

And in other news – because it wouldn’t be one of my blog posts without a little something wacky – we bought a tree for our backyard.

Hi! I'm Demitri.
Hi! I’m Demitri.

His name is Demitri.  He was very excited to be reunited with his cousin, Rodrigo.

This is my desk. His name is Rodrigo.
This is my desk. His name is Rodrigo.

As you may have noticed, Rodrigo has been through many changes over the years. But, he’s still family.


A. Marie





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6 thoughts on “Dear Ellen: You’ll never guess where we found the Easter egg!

  1. I can’t believe Rodrigo is so – what’s the word I’m looking for (Ollie, where are you when I need you) – oh, yeah, cluster free. What kind of writer are you? And why is Demitri sideways? Is that a trick you are playing on us? Like the clean desk? Ollie is asking, not me. I know the answers, but he doesn’t believe me – not this time. No way. Just sayin’

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