Polygraphs & Chickens.

A few days ago my husband had a routine polygraph for his job. He has one of those jobs that requires a polygraph every few years. This exam lasted three hours. When he returned home, he looked beat.

Me: How’d it go?

Husband: (slumps down into his chair) Have you ever had a polygraph?

Me: Yup. My favorite part was when this 90-year-old man asked me if I’d ever had sex with a cow or any other farm animals. Did they ask you that?

Husband: (Zoning out in front of the television.)

Me: Thank God they didn’t ask me about ocean life. I’d never be able to explain that affair I had with the whale at Sea World.

Husband: (Still zoning out in front of the television.)

Me: Of course you know what they say about whales.  They have the largest……fins.

Husband’s clearly on another planet.

Me: What about you? Did they ask you about cows or chickens?

Husband is lost in orbit.

Me: So they asked you about chickens, eh? What’d you tell them?

Husband is……I give up. He’s sitting in front of me but I have no idea where his mind is.

Me: Is there something we need to talk about? Do you have a thing for chickens? Please don’t tell me you like being pecked. I’m not sure I could compete with that.

Husband: (Looks over at me. I almost die of shock.) I’m sorry. Did you say something about dinner?

Me: We’re having leftovers.


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5 thoughts on “Polygraphs & Chickens.

  1. Aww this is unfair….it’s not as if……
    …(did I update Spotify yesterday?….I’ll have to check out that Orchestral Metal band too, the one with the Italian name, need to check that on Wikipedia again, which reminds me, did I PDF that article on the Ausberg League and the Nine Years War)
    …..uh, yeh….sure, I agree with you all the way there; Blogging each week is important….

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