Satan has his limits.

Last night I had a dream. Not an inspiring, life-changing dream. Just your run-of-the-mill, bat-shit-crazy dream: the product of a very pregnant woman’s imagination.

I don’t remember how old I was in this dream but I remember that I was speaking to my mother. And the only other thing about the dream that I remember was what I said to my mother.

“Mom. Satan won’t do this for me. Will you?”

Here’s what bothers me about this dream (aside from the fact that I had the dream). What is theĀ this that Satan wouldn’t do for me? I pondered this question all day long. Since there weren’t any adults/telephone scammers for me to ask and my imaginary friends and very real cats are currently giving me the silent treatment, I interviewed several memes and asked their opinions (because that’s what your left with when your imaginary friends and cats won’t speak to you.) Here’s what some of them said when asked, “What was it Satan wouldn’t do for me?”

I guess I’ll never know what it was the Devil wouldn’t do for me. But it’s fun thinking about the possibilities.

Calling all readers! What are your thoughts? What do you think Satan wouldn’t do for me? Give me your best/ridiculous/hilarious/non-serious suggestions in the comments!


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