Saving the Snark for Another Day


As a general rule, I don’t write blogs that express any kind of political or religious view because I don’t want to alienate anyone or make anyone feel like I’m shoving my opinions or beliefs down their throat. That’s not who I am. But today, when I turned the news on to find out if it was warm enough for my three-year-old fashionista to wear her favorite skirt to preschool, I got more than just a weather report. So today, I’m breaking one of my rules. In addition to the victims and first responders of: Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria; the earthquake in Mexico, and the London Terror attacks; I’m adding the victims, families and first responders of the Las Vegas shooting to my prayer list – which is much longer than what I mentioned here.

Today is one hell of a craptacular Monday and for many people, it’s going to worse before it gets better. I pray that the rest of the week is quiet and allows everyone affected by these horrific events to catch their breath and start the healing process.

Tomorrow I’ll resume with my usual snark, sass and sarcasm.


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