It’s not all about Michigan!

It was in the wee hours of the horrific Facebook crash.   via GIPHY  I sat at my desk, procrastinating tinkering with my novel. Getting it ready to send to a beta reader. I decided to take a break. About a week or two earlier, I wrote a blog post about the differences between a coroner and a medical examiner. […]

Celebrating Beta Readers and Anniversaries

Last Friday I celebrated a HUGE landmark with my writing.   via GIPHY  It was the first time I’ve sent a novel to a beta reader.   via GIPHY  Sending your book off to a beta reader is the first step in editing. And last Friday, I sent my book off. To be edited. By a beta reader. I’m sure […]

The Hospice Plot Twist

This blog post is dedicated to one of many Facebook discussions I’ve participated in. There’s a crime fiction group I’m a member of where writers can post questions about police procedures and investigations so they can write accurate stories. A bunch of people were asking questions about death investigations and morgues which was super exciting for me because that’s right […]

Dear Homeowner’s Association

This blog series is dedicated to everyone who knows more than they ever wanted to about homeowner’s associations and some of the crazy things residents do. A homeowner’s association wasn’t something I heard my parents talking about when I was growing up. As far as I know, my childhood home wasn’t part of an association. But later in life, I […]

Birthing a Book Blurb

For the last few months, I’ve been frantically working on my first novel. I’m currently working through the third draft and hope to have the book published later this year. As I’m entering the final stages of the actual writing, I’m preparing a list of things I need to do before I can publish my debut novel. So far my […]

Things I’ve Said During an Autopsy

via GIPHY The following blog post contains some graphic descriptions. If you have a weak stomach, stop reading!!! via GIPHYvia GIPHYStill with me? Okay. You’ve been warned. Once upon a time, it was summer. The summer season meant two things for the medical examiner’s office. Homicides and decomposed bodies. via GIPHYMost forensic technicians would probably choose assisting a pathologist with […]

Why was this necessary?

One of the biggest gripes I had while I was in graduate school – working on my forensic science degree – was the ridiculous number of PowerPoint presentations we had to give for each class. I mean, really? Why is this necessary? How was knowing how to put together a PowerPoint presentation going to help any of us once we […]

The Judgy Moms

I think by now I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m not normal – under any circumstances. It’s most obvious to me whenever I’m trying to do something for my kids and screw it up. That’s when I hear them. The judgy moms. via GIPHYA group of three voices that exist in my head and strike whenever I’m off my […]

Close Encounter with the Rainbow Bridge

Dear Diary, Death was knocking on my door.   via GIPHYMy mouth hurt on both sides of my face. I couldn’t chew the kibbles in my dish and my tummy growled nonstop. Not to mention there was something oozing out of my fur. I tried to clean it but it was really nasty, so I stopped cleaning myself altogether. But that […]