The Judgy Moms – Part Two

“Disgraceful. Utterly disgraceful,” Clarissa said, scrolling through thumbnail images on Facebook. “I know,” Becky said. “It’s like A. Marie is thumbing her nose at you and all the work you do to help challenged mothers make appropriate birthday cakes for their kids.” “275 parts,” Clarissa said. “The video tutorial I made on how to prepare organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan […]

The Investigation that Haunts Me: Part 2

***Continued from May 31, 2019*** ***Content warning: This blog post discusses a child death that I investigated several years ago. To continue reading, scroll down.***     via GIPHY    Concerned my daughter had a serious head injury and plagued by images of the nine-year-old girl who died from a brain bleed, I picked up the phone and called 9-1-1. […]

The Investigation that Haunts Me

Content Warning: This blog post discusses the death of a child. To continue reading, scroll down.       via GIPHY  I arrived at the residence sometime after 11:00 a.m. The decedent was a nine-year-old girl. She was on the floor of the living room. Her mother was at her side, crying. The day before, her mother received a call […]

The Prevert Invasion

Dear Diary, I suffered the most harrowing ordeal over the weekend. It started on Saturday. Something very strange was going on. Momma was going up and down the stairs, carrying stuff. Toys were being put away. Toilets were being cleaned. She was cleaning!!!! And when Momma cleans, that can only mean one thing. Grandma is coming! And she’s probably bringing […]