Conversations I have with my Computer……

Ah, another fabulous day of unemployment.  Despite my best effort to find work, I’m left only with a few household chores and my overactive imagination to keep me busy throughout the day.  I could be a writer or I could be a wanna be writer.  I chose writer.  So here I am, in my mother’s living room, setting up my […]

My cat needs an intervention

My cats and I have been living with my mother, her cat and her dog for about a month now and for the first three weeks, all was well. Little Miss still has her claws and was in desperate need of a kitty condo to scratch.  She didn’t like the scratching post I purchased for her but instead “loved the […]

Random thoughts I have….

My day started off pretty swell.  I did my Wii workout, hung out at the library and then ran to the store to pick up some items for dinner.  Even though I had a list of things I needed, I still, out of habit, make a point of walking up and down the aisles looking for things I don’t need […]

If Money Wasn’t an Issue…

Aside from meditating our group leader also talked about the act of meditating and embracing positive thoughts. She aspoke about how whenever she wanted to do something she would imagine herself doing it and think positive thoughts and every time, she was successful. For example, she wanted to retire and open up a business.  And she did.  She opened up […]

The Meditation Meetup

Being new to the area, and currently unemployed, I have more time on my hands than anyone should. So I joined a Meditation Meetup group that was held at a nearby library.  I had never been to a Meditation group before.  My closest experience with meditation was reading Liz Gilbert’s, Eat, Pray, Love.  I had no idea what to expect.  […]

Sorry It Doesn’t Work That Way…..

This is yet another example of the shit that absolutely shocked me during my brief stint in retail.  Rules are there for a reason.  So are laws.  Identity theft is a very real problem.  It isn’t just the consumer’s problem.  It’s also the problem of every company that gets duped by a fake ID and then stuck with the bill […]

How I made an honest girl out of my cat.

My husband is in the Navy and our relationship has kind of been whirlwind and kind of not. We’ve known each other for 15 years but we dated for two years before we got married and we were engaged for about a week and a half before we married, due mostly impart to the Navy and their agenda. Thanks Uncle […]

You can have that when I get a pony.

Right after I began working in retail I encountered my first of many difficult customers. Speaking as a frequent customer myself I have to say that the customers who frequented this store were certainly creative. The things that they asked for or demanded never ceased to amazed me. It never even occurred to me that you could walk into a […]

Conversations I’ve had with my cat

Moving isn’t just stressful for people. Animals also feel the stress due to a changing environment. My cat Gwennie (pictured) is a seasoned traveller and a real trooper. She’s been through 14 states in three years. Fortunately, she’s only lived in three of them. With my husband deployed and me living in a state where I didn’t really have any […]

Dear Random Customers……..

Dear Random Customers, I would like to bring to your attention, certain issues that I feel if resolved would enhance your shopping experience and perhaps even, save my sanity. I appreciate your enthusiasm regarding our shoe inventory. Yes, designer shoes are exciting. But really, they don’t belong in a pile of shoes on the floor. Those rectangular, cardboard things on […]