Does anyone know where I can buy loose tea leaves

I’m writing this story but it’s a new experience for me and there are a few hurdles I have to jump over. It’s really exciting. It’s about this girl who interacts with these people and together, they do all of this stuff. (chuckle) Anyway, for this girl who does all of this stuff I need to learn about reading tea […]

Confessions of a Disgruntled Retail Manager (Just One of Many)

Working for a high end retail store, as I did, seemed ideal at first. The store was clean. There weren’t any dead, decaying people lying around and I didn’t have to drive around in the middle of the night all through the ghetto in search of a crime scene. On the other hand, working for a high end retail store, […]

From Death Investigator to Disgruntled Retail Manager……

Over the past three years I’ve had a lot of changes.  Changes with in my careers, mostly.  But also relationship changes and geographical changes.  Once upon a time I had a different blog dedicated to my career as a death investigator.  But when I left that field it didn’t seem right to keep blogging about something that I wasn’t continuously […]

You’ve Got to be Kidding!

>I knew for about eight months that I was leaving my life as a death investigator so that I could come to California to be with the man of my dreams.  In a desperate attempt to move out to California I applied for work everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE!  Pet stores, office supply stores, retail stores.  Positions that included working […]


My friend called me this evening with exciting news that she needed some advice on. Friend:     I was offered this job out of state that pays quite a bit less than what I’m currently making.  It’s      an incredible opportunity and the same day I was offered the job, someone made an offer on my house.  I’ve had a lot of […]

Vampires in the Morgue-Part Three

Narrative/Dialogue I wish I had read in Breaking Dawn. Bella:  “Oh Edward!  Sex is so much fun!  I had no idea!” Edward:  “Yeah baby!  Yeah!” Bella:  “Edward, I’ve decided something.  I’d like to postpone becoming a vampire because…well…because I like sex and I’m worried that I won’t enjoy it as much when I’m a vampire.” Edward:  “Bitch please!  You’ve been […]

Smelly Guy-The Finale – I Promise! This is it!

>The day before my date with Smelly Guy, I began by following through with my usual routine….I went to work. Exciting! Nothing spectacular happened that day, or at least, nothing that I can remember. Just before 1900 hours, when I’m officially off duty, he called. Smelly Guy: “Are we still on for tonight?” Me: “Yeah. I have to run home […]

Smelly Guy-Party Four A

>First and foremost I would like to apologize for the delay in my postings.  I’ve been out of town recently. This final bit in my series of “How not to date a Death Investigator” definitely falls under the category of “I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. Smelly Guy (yes there is a very good reason for this […]

The Religious Guy-Part Three

>Where to begin with this one.  This guy is, overall, a nice guy.  Clean cut and practices good hygiene (I’ll explain that one later), a father of two, recently divorced.  He’s about ten years older than me.  He is also very, very religious.  Religion isn’t a bad thing but it’s not something I’m exposed to often.  Well, Religious Guy and […]

Dear Hospital Staff

>Dear Hospital Staff, Recently we came to your hospital and presented to you on the topic of Correct Death Reporting Procedures.  However, since that time, it has become abundantly clear that you were not paying attention at all.  I’ve taking the liberty of jotting down some things that are of concern to my office, in hopes of rectifying this situation […]