A Day in the Life of a Disgruntled Blogger

It never ceases to amaze me how much information people feel they need to share on Twitter or on Facebook.  Not that I have any place to judge because I’m typically a woman of too much information myself…..but that’s typically when I’m in the company of close friends (or strangers if I’ve had too much to drink).  Still I have […]

The Worst Sewing Lesson I’ve Ever Had

Once upon a time, I wanted to learn how to sew so that I could eventually learn how to quilt.  It was a simple, non-complicated desire.  I looked and looked everywhere for sewing lessons and finally found lessons offered at Joann Fabric. I eagerly called the store and signed up for a class, paying for the $35 lesson over the phone.  My excitement for […]

Attention Consumers!!!

This blog is dedicated to any one out there who would like to purchase a docking station for his/her cell phone.  I found what I believe could be the one and only universal docking station.  In all fairness I haven’t tested this out on all cell phones.  But it does work for my Samsung Epic. I’ve only had the Samsung […]

Meditation is Just Like a GPS Navigator

So today was the third time that I attended a Meditation Meetup group and the second day in a row that I meditated on my own.  It’s too soon to see if it’s helping me but I really enjoyed this particular group today. There was a new leader hosting this group because the regular guy was attending a retreat of […]

The Battle of the Scratching Post

Oh it was an exciting day at my house in Cleveland.  An exciting day indeed!  I had no idea what fierce battle I would witness when I woke up this morning. This morning the contenders were:  Gwendolynn Anne Marie Stefanie Collins Silver   and Molly Alexandra Amiable The object of their battle:  A s-shaped scratching post.  The irony of the battle:  Both […]

My Mantra for Writing

For a couple of years now I’ve been really interested in Meditation and all the benefits of it. Uncertain of where to begin with meditation, I really wanted to join a meditation group. It wasn’t until I moved to Ohio where I am currently unemployed that I had the time to join a group. Added bonus – I really like […]

My Practice Query Letter

April 30, 2011 Oscar-the-Grouch Bert & Ernie Literary Agency 123 Sesame Street, Cleveland, OH Dear Mr. Grouch, When was the last time you read a really great book?  Yesterday?  Last month?  Three years ago?  Well, buckle up your tin can because here at last is a really great idea. I’m currently writing a piece about Beatrice, a washed-up, disgruntled 32-year-old […]

Conversations I have with my Computer……

Ah, another fabulous day of unemployment.  Despite my best effort to find work, I’m left only with a few household chores and my overactive imagination to keep me busy throughout the day.  I could be a writer or I could be a wanna be writer.  I chose writer.  So here I am, in my mother’s living room, setting up my […]

My cat needs an intervention

My cats and I have been living with my mother, her cat and her dog for about a month now and for the first three weeks, all was well. Little Miss still has her claws and was in desperate need of a kitty condo to scratch.  She didn’t like the scratching post I purchased for her but instead “loved the […]

Random thoughts I have….

My day started off pretty swell.  I did my Wii workout, hung out at the library and then ran to the store to pick up some items for dinner.  Even though I had a list of things I needed, I still, out of habit, make a point of walking up and down the aisles looking for things I don’t need […]