Fifty Shades of Grey (Chapters 1-8)

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! If you are planning on reading Fifty Shades of Grey at any point in time and DO NOT want to know what happens or how it ends then turn away RIGHT NOW!!!!  I will be dissecting the book chapter by chapter and revealing details. I’d also like to mention that at times through out […]

10 Random Things About Me ……

…..that no one really wants to know but I’m going to share anyway. 10.  I’m in my mid-30s, divorced, remarried and mother of a 3 month old baby boy. (Okay, so that’s  five things in one sentence. Oh well.) 9. I’ve been to all 50 states (Yes that includes Hawaii, Alaska and New Mexico.  They are states too.) 8.  I’ve […]

A Word to the Wise

Last weekend I was very excited to find a small shop down the street from where I live that offers sewing and quilting lessons. They even offer a combination class that starts with sewing and progresses to quilting. I anxiously enrolled and paid $50 for the class. This was slightly more than what I paid for at Joann fabrics but […]

Conversations My Cats Have When They Think I’m Not Listening

It’s amazing! Little Miss: Gwennie! Gwennie! Momma’s cleaning! She’s cleaning! You have to see this! Come quick! Gwennie – rudely awoken from her nap: Are you on crack! Momma cleans every Tuesday. It’s her thing that she does. Little Miss: Yeah but it’s not Tuesday. It’s Friday. She’s cleaning on a Friday. Gwennie: I’ll alert the news media right after […]

A Day in the Life of a Disgruntled Blogger

It never ceases to amaze me how much information people feel they need to share on Twitter or on Facebook.  Not that I have any place to judge because I’m typically a woman of too much information myself…..but that’s typically when I’m in the company of close friends (or strangers if I’ve had too much to drink).  Still I have […]

The Worst Sewing Lesson I’ve Ever Had

Once upon a time, I wanted to learn how to sew so that I could eventually learn how to quilt.  It was a simple, non-complicated desire.  I looked and looked everywhere for sewing lessons and finally found lessons offered at Joann Fabric. I eagerly called the store and signed up for a class, paying for the $35 lesson over the phone.  My excitement for […]

Attention Consumers!!!

This blog is dedicated to any one out there who would like to purchase a docking station for his/her cell phone.  I found what I believe could be the one and only universal docking station.  In all fairness I haven’t tested this out on all cell phones.  But it does work for my Samsung Epic. I’ve only had the Samsung […]

Meditation is Just Like a GPS Navigator

So today was the third time that I attended a Meditation Meetup group and the second day in a row that I meditated on my own.  It’s too soon to see if it’s helping me but I really enjoyed this particular group today. There was a new leader hosting this group because the regular guy was attending a retreat of […]

The Battle of the Scratching Post

Oh it was an exciting day at my house in Cleveland.  An exciting day indeed!  I had no idea what fierce battle I would witness when I woke up this morning. This morning the contenders were:  Gwendolynn Anne Marie Stefanie Collins Silver   and Molly Alexandra Amiable The object of their battle:  A s-shaped scratching post.  The irony of the battle:  Both […]

My Mantra for Writing

For a couple of years now I’ve been really interested in Meditation and all the benefits of it. Uncertain of where to begin with meditation, I really wanted to join a meditation group. It wasn’t until I moved to Ohio where I am currently unemployed that I had the time to join a group. Added bonus – I really like […]