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imageA. Marie Silver is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She spends her days writing letters to Ellen DeGeneres, tormenting telephone scammers, and having all kinds of random fun that includes editing Pilcrow & Dagger Literary Magazine.

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I’m a fiction writer full of snark, sass and sarcasm. I live vicariously through my blog. Some of the stories I share are based on actual events/an overactive imagination/cry for help. Consider yourself warned: I reserve the right to change up the details of actual events to make the stories more entertaining.

As mentioned above, I’m giving the whole affiliate thing a try. I promise that when I do promote products, those promotions will be written with the same amount of snark, sass, and sarcasm as anything else I write. If you’re not laughing, crying or shaking your head, I’m not doing my job.

This is a politics-free website dedicated to all things funny and lighthearted. I hope everyone who stops by is able to relax and unplug.

Hours of Operation

My blogs are posted every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. EST.  As for a response time, I generally respond to comments and emails within a couple of hours. If you don’t hear back from me within eight hours, it probably means the cats are holding me hostage/the kids are projectile-vomiting/my husband can’t reach the remote. Please send help…..and wine.


As long as you’re not a spammer, scammer or solicitor, I can be reached by email at:


Attention spammers, scammers and solicitors!!! Before you email me, the answer is NO! I do not need a penis-enlargement! I’m not interested in Russian women, big-breasted women, women with hairy armpits or…well….women in general. I don’t want your help enhancing my website, developing my blog or gaining followers. If you attempt to contact me I will sick my cantankerous, easily-annoyed, quick-to-overreact cat on you.

Thank you for shopping! Have a nice day!


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28 thoughts on “All About A. Marie

  1. I love following your blog and enjoy reading/laughing about all your real-life/Ellen adventures! I don’t think I mentioned in prior comments I have a site at and would love if you could give it a visit (and follow?) for you would enjoy that more than the sports-blog you’re currently following from me. I have similar real-life, nutty stories posted there and it is much more in the spirit of your wonderful site. Keep us all laughing and thanks for your support! Bruce B.

        1. Okay. I looked I to this and because I have a self-hosted WordPress site there is no follow button. For some reason, WP took this feature away. I’ve been looking for a plugin to fix this but most of them don’t work. Rude! If you’re in the WordPress reader, there should be a small, square box that pops up in the lower right corner that allows you to receive my posts in the reader. So sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for reading my blog! And I’ll continue looking for a work-around.

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