A. Marie Silver is author of Snark, Sass, & Sarcasm – a blog dedicated to putting a humorous twist on the mundane. 

 A. Marie is also the producer of her very own podcast. The podcast is practice for her career in stand-up comedy. Each podcast averages five minutes, making it timed perfectly for bathroom breaks.

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Contact Information

A. Marie can be reach by email at contactme(at)amariesilver(dot)com. In most cases, she will respond to all emails within 24 hours.There are a few reason why she may not respond to emails within that time frame.

  1. She didn’t receive the email because it was lost in cyberspace or it went straight to her spam folder.
  2. Her children have tied her up using dirty socks and she can’t get out of the closet.
  3. She’s ignoring your email. For a list of reasons why she might ignore your email, please continue scrolling.

Solicitors/Scammers Beware!

You might be a solicitor if you:

  1. Sell sex toys.
  2. Sell sex of any kind
  3. Sell penis enlargement products (FYI – I don’t have a penis. Never did.)
  4. Sell Viagra. (See #3)
  5. Sell fitness products. (I should be interested but I’m not.)
  6. Sell comestics. (I’m good. Thanks.)
  7. Are a graphic designer/web designer/SEO expert. I don’t care if you think my website sucks or my SEO needs help. I’m NOT going to pay you.
  8. You’re an editor. I realize this may sound ironic considering I’m a writer and I will be in need of editorial services. However, I have my own means of searching for reputable editors. Don’t call me! I’ll call you – if you’re on my list of reputable editors.

You might be a scammer if:

  1. Your goal is to steal/obtain anything from me through deceptive practices.
  2. You’ve recently found yourself trapped overseas and need a small amount of money to get home. Sorry, I used my spare change to buy toilet paper.
  3. You’re trying to notify me of a wealthy relative who died and you need a small amount of money from me to secure my inheritance. I hail from working-class people. No one I know is wealthy and if they were, I’d be the last person they’d leave any money to. And if they did, I’d invest it all in toilet paper. Move along!
  4. You’re some random guy (or you wrongfully obtained a picture of some random guy) and you think I’m pretty and want to get to know me. Yes, I am pretty. No! I don’t want to get to know you. Leave me alone!