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Parking Perils

Porch Pirates

Inappropriate Seasonal Decorations

The Revelations Hair Salon

Regarding the Pink Garbage Truck

The Friends & Neighbors App

Clarissa flexed her perfectly polished toes as she leaned against the chaise lounge chair, sipping one of Judy’s famous mid-day martinis. “This is heaven.” “Isn’t it, though?” Judy sat on the edge of her pool, soaking her legs in the water. “Life doesn’t get much better than this.” “Amen.” Becky sat on her knees, finishing …

His Leaves Are Trespassing On My Lawn!

Alleged HOA Violations

Lannister HOA Violations

Unsolicited Home Inspections

Clarissa and Becky listened intently as Judy went through her recent adventures. She made notes in a small notebook as she spoke. “The things that people do. It makes me tired just thinking about it. If you’re going to sell a house there are certain things you should NEVER do.” “What did you find at …

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