The Hospice Plot Twist

This blog post is dedicated to one of many Facebook discussions I’ve participated in. There’s a crime fiction group I’m a member of where writers can post questions about police procedures and investigations so they can write accurate stories. A bunch of people were asking questions about death investigations and morgues which was super exciting for me because that’s right […]

Things I’ve Said During an Autopsy

via GIPHY The following blog post contains some graphic descriptions. If you have a weak stomach, stop reading!!! via GIPHYvia GIPHYStill with me? Okay. You’ve been warned. Once upon a time, it was summer. The summer season meant two things for the medical examiner’s office. Homicides and decomposed bodies. via GIPHYMost forensic technicians would probably choose assisting a pathologist with […]

Why was this necessary?

One of the biggest gripes I had while I was in graduate school – working on my forensic science degree – was the ridiculous number of PowerPoint presentations we had to give for each class. I mean, really? Why is this necessary? How was knowing how to put together a PowerPoint presentation going to help any of us once we […]