Genesis & The Generation Gap – Part 2

 The Tower of Babel Many, many, many, many, many, many years later descendants of Noah settled somewhere….I’m not sure where. They decided they were going to build a tower that would allow them to bypass God and go straight to Heaven. Not sure why they thought that was going to work but it makes for an interesting story. God saw […]

Genesis and the Generation Gap

If you’re new to this series, please read this first. Earlier this week I finished reading Genesis. One book down. 65 to go. As I mentioned in Blogging the Bible, I’m using this book for the study guide.   As a writer, I’m very big on citing my sources. The last thing I’d ever want is to be accused of […]

Blogging the Bible

I have no idea where to begin. Guess that means I’ll start at the beginning.     via GIPHY  My Not-So-Great Childhood Experience with Christianity¬† I was born and raised Lutheran. I lived most of my childhood in Ohio. Keeping the tradition of our faith, my mother enrolled my sister and I in a youth group in a small Lutheran […]