Biodegradable Grass

“Wow!” Becky said, after viewing a tutorial Clarissa put together on how to part a small child’s hair. “That’s fantastic. Do you think she’ll watch it?” “It’s hard to say with that woman,” Clarissa said. “It’s a shame to see her poor child go to school with uneven parts in her hair. I mean, what message are we sending our […]

Community Relations Committee

It was a beautiful, sunny day at the van Wench residence. Becky and Clarissa are indulging in mid-day, sugar-free, gluten-free, margaritas at Judy’s pool. “I’ve never been so frustrated!” Clarissa leaned back in her chair, rubbing her temples.”I have so much work going on. I get at least 1,000 comments on my YouTube videos each day. And that secretary! She’s […]