Dear Ellen: I still haven’t heard back from M&Ms

I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres.  Why? Because I Can! It’s day nine of the Writer’s Digest Platform Challenge and today’s challenge is to put yourself on a blogging schedule with some idea of what you’re going to write each day.  If you’ve been following this blog, you can probably guess that my blog topics will be letters to Ellen […]

Dear Ellen: Why Can’t He Put It Away?

I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres.  Why? Because I Can! Today is day 8 of the Writer’s Digest Platform Challenge.  I’m happy to report I’m caught up with yesterday’s task.  Today, the challenge was to share a link on either Twitter or Facebook.  This was the link I chose: Even as an editor, I still get these two confused. […]

Dear M&M People

Today is day 7 of the Writer’s Digest challenge and I’m a bit behind.  Yesterday, we were supposed to follow a bunch of people on Twitter. Well, I was already following 800 some people on Twitter so I didn’t add anymore.  Oops.  Today’s challenge was to respond to three people who followed you back and say “hi” or anything that’s not, […]

Dear Ellen: Why do I always have to order the pizza?

I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres.  Why? Because I Can! Today is day six of the Writer’s Digest October 2015 platform challenge and I’m still going strong.  For today’s challenge, we had to create a twitter account and tweet something.  I’ve had my twitter account for a few years, so all I did was send off a tweet, comment on […]

There are no rules: Day 5 and A Letter to Ellen Degeneres

The challenge for day 5 is to create a Facebook account.  Not a page; an account.  Check!  I’ve had an account for a few years now.  If you’d like to send me a friend request here is my account information: A warning to the freaky deakies out there.  You know who you are.  If you do any of the […]