Misadventures of a Disgruntled Psychic: Chapter 1


Uncover the mind-bending journey of Amethyst Mueller in “Misadventures of a Disgruntled Psychic.” Follow her in Chapter 1 as she battles inexplicable visions of murder during a pivotal job interview, where reality blurs with the supernatural. With time ticking away, Amethyst seeks to validate her sanity while someone else holds the key to her visions.


Amethyst Mueller always prided herself on her unwavering skepticism. She scoffed at ghost stories, dismissed the notion of fairies as mere folklore, and considered Santa Claus a fanciful children’s tale. Yet, there was one belief she held even more steadfastly than these: her absolute disbelief in psychics.

Amethyst had one last hurdle before starting her dream job as a crime scene investigator –  a rigorous psych evaluation. Little did she know, her life would take an unexpected and terrifying twist.

During the psych evaluation, the lines of reality blurred, and she found herself ensnared in a harrowing vision, one fraught with impending doom: an unfamiliar woman stood on the precipice of a gruesome and imminent demise.

The first chapter of Misadventures of a Disgruntled Psychic is just the beginning for Amethyst as she embarks on a journey that challenges her skepticism to its core.



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