Children with Alopecia Awareness Day – Part 1 of Our Story

Today, April 14, 2022, is Children With Alopecia Awareness Day. In honor of this day – and also because of the “Slap Heard ‘Round the World,” at the Academy Awards – I felt like it was an appropriate time to share our alopecia story.   What is Alopecia?   Alopecia is a non-contagious autoimmune disease. The immune system- for whatever […]

The 100th Day of School

I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres. No particular reason. Just because I can.   Dear Ellen,   Last week my kids celebrated their 100th day of school. You know what that means? That means there are less than 80 days left of school before summer. via GIPHY The 100th day of school fell on a Tuesday which was the first […]

The Case of the Christian Scientist

“Medical Examiner’s office.” It was early on a weekend morning at the morgue. “Yes,” a woman said. “Yes, I need you to come. I need someone to come.” “Okay. What’s going on?” “My husband is dead and I need you to come get him.”     via GIPHY  “I’m so sorry. Where is your husband?” Color me shocked. Family members […]

Scouts, Soccer, & Human Sacrifice

With the kids back to school, the craziness at our house is in full gear. The six year old is in an after school program at his elementary school and attends Cub Scouts with my husband who is the den leader for that age group. I think. I’m not sure if he’s called “Den Leader” or not. But he’s the […]

Was I too snarky?

I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres. No particular reason. Just because I can. Dear Ellen, I was having a cranky, horrible, no-good, awful, bad day. The six year old threw a fit because I made him wear gray socks to school. No clue why this was so traumatizing to him but maybe some day he’ll be able to explain it […]

Website Under Construction!

Hello, everyone! This is a super-quick announcement. I had some technical difficulties with my blog and it’s now under construction. I hope to get everything up and running very quick. Stay tuned! If you happen to receive this blog by email, please let me know in the comments.     Have a great week! A. Marie Silver

Moving to a new address!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that for Christmas, Santa bought me my own domain!  It’s official – I’ve been dot-commed.  The address of my new site is  Rumor has it, if you’re following this through the WordPress news feed, this move will not affect you.  However, if you are following via email, it might.  So […]