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Dear Homeowner’s Association

Most people who live under the thumb of a homeowner’s association will have a hundred complaints to share. But I wonder, has it ever occurred to these people that the HOA board members also have complaints. Dear Homeowner’s AssociationĀ is dedicated to anyone who has sat on an HOA board and the residents of Premiere Properties – the setting of this category – have redefined ridiculous.

To Whom It May Concern Letters to Ellen DeGeneres

I used to write letters to Ellen DeGeneres. Then I decided I’d change things up and write to Betty White. Clearly, that wasn’t going to work out. Now I write to whoever is listening.

TheĀ Scoliosis Series is also included under this category!

Mommy Humor – 98% of everything I write.

My three year-old dropped the F-bomb. I got lost inside of a church. My son accused my husband of stealing his Spider Man toy. And then there are the Judgy Moms – horrible women who crap on everything I do. Granted, they’re really just voices in my head. If you can relate to my level of insanity, then by all means, read on.

Confessions of a Confused Christian

Did you know that 1 John is actually the 2nd John? And 2nd John is actually the 3rd John? Also, Proverbs is apparently in the Old Testament and when the Bible speaks of fasting, it’s not referring to intermittent fasting. If you’re like me – desperate to know more about the Bible, eager to strengthen your relationship to God, and completely unfamiliar with the stories told in the Bible – this is the place for you! Join me as I continuously get lost in an unfamiliar world, make silly mistakes, and find God.

Diary of a Cranky Cat – Enough said!

My cat made me write this.

Morbid Memories

Lots of Dark & Twisty and definitely not for everyone. Fair Warning! This is where I share anecdotes from my time working as a death investigator in a morgue. For the most part the stories I share center around interactions with my coworkers and the police but there may be some discussion of sensitive topics. Read at your own risk.

Everything Else

This link is for everything else not covered under one of the above categories!

  • The Podcast is also included under this category.