Ghost Pillows: Why Your Home Needs These Fun & Ghoulish Decorations

Ghost Pillows. Designer pillows P.E.T.A. doesn’t want you to know because every pillow has hand-plucked goose down.

Ghost Pillows. Pillows so luxurious and expensive you’d have to sell a body part to purchase them. They offer superior head and neck support that leaves you feeling like you’re sleeping on air.

Ghost Pillows. Invisible pillows outfitted with a location tracker. They glow in the dark at night, but you’ll have to enable the app on your phone to find the pillow during the day. They offer fantastic head and neck support; you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Ghost Pillows. Strange, creepy, totally inappropriate sex toys you can only buy from one of those “Adult” toy stores with blacked-out windows. The features and benefits are left up to the imagination of the users.

According to Google Trends, ghost pillows are a trending topic. I had yet to learn why. It was probably because I had no idea what a ghost pillow was. What is this strange and unusual object trending on the internet? As it turns out, ghost pillows are not synonymous with luxury, GPS systems, or sex toys. And, you won’t have to sell a body part to finance one. Ghost pillows are…..

Ghost pillows are pillows shaped like ghosts.

First mystery solved. Now, I had another mystery on my hands. Why were ghost pillows trending? Of all the Halloween decorations on the market, what was particular about these pillows? As it turns out, there are benefits to decorating for Halloween. And ghosts can make super-cute halloween decorations.

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3 Psychological Benefits of Decorating for Halloween

Halloween and Christmas are the two major holidays when people everywhere decorate the inside and outside of their homes. Whenever I walk into my house, I feel happy seeing the black cauldron, spider webs, and fake blood. But is there a reason I feel so glad when I see the decorations in my house? Yes. Yes, there is. First, I’m weird. Second, science has an explanation for everything.

Feng Shui Meets Ghost Pillows

If you believe in Feng Shui but wonder whether or not it has anything to do with your choice of Halloween decorations, you’ve come to the right place. The Spruce reminds us the right color choice can be crucial to our mood. For example, decorating with the color white can increase clarity. It can also add positive energy to the space.

If you needed a reason to buy a ghost pillow, there it is. Traditionally, ghosts are white. White brings people joy. Who doesn’t need more joy at home?

Boost Brain Power

Melissa Sammy at MDLinx studied how celebrating Halloween with costumes and decorations can help boost overall health. She referenced a study by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where it was found that individuals who participate in social events such as decorating hallways and classrooms, walking through corn mazes, and going on hayrides may support their brain health.

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Ghost Pillows Are Affordable Stress Relievers

According to the Cleveland Clinic, retail therapy is real, and I’ve never been more excited. The Cleveland Clinic reviewed several studies that all supported retail therapy as long as it was in moderation. And while nothing is more exciting than staring at a recently delivered package and trying to remember what you ordered from Amazon, retail therapy can also include window shopping.

Why? I’m so glad you asked. One of the studies reviewed by the Cleveland Clinic noted the anticipation of buying something releases dopamine. This dopamine release happens regardless of whether or not you’re standing in the check-out line or admiring those adorable ghost pillows in a window display.

5 Adorable & Ghoulish Ghost Pillows

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Even though window shopping can be fun, let’s do some actual shopping together. Check out some adorable ghost pillows I found at Amazon.

 Glow in The Dark Ghosty Plush Toy by Maomoto

I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost! Especially if it’s as cute as this one. The Glow in The Dark Ghosty Plushy Toy is perfect for small children afraid of the dark. Place the pillow in the sunlight during the day so it’ll glow at night. Made with poly cotton, this Ghost Plushy Toy is super soft and cuddly.

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Ghost Pillow

THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I IMAGINE when I think of a ghost pillow. This huggable pillow is made from velvet and polyester. That means it’s super soft to the touch, and my children – no doubt – will fight over it nonstop. Thank goodness Halloween is only celebrated for one month. Unless you live at my house, sometimes it’s December before we take the Halloween decorations down.

And because white can attract dirt, shoppers will love how easy it is to clean this pillow by hand or in the washing machine. Bring this ghost pillow the next time you’re invited to a horror film festival. It’s exactly what you’ll need to endure the jump scares.

Swoop Boo Ghost

Looks like Casper isn’t the only friendly ghost. The Swoop Boo Ghost is not only adorable, it’s also soft and cuddly. Measuring 7″ tall, this is the perfect gift for tiny hands. And because the eyes are stitched instead of made with buttons, it’s a child-friendly toy. It also makes excellent Halloween decor for your living room or office.

Pack of Three Cute Spooky-Shaped Ghosts

Made with soft polyester and velvet, these pillows are incredibly huggable. Sold as a set, these pillows are perfect for sharing – assuming your kids know how. Mine haven’t figured out the whole “sharing” thing yet.

This trio is easy to clean and machine washable. Grab these ghost pillows while you can! They’re perfect for sleepovers, backyard movie nights, pillow fights, and more! Plus, the white fabric – according to the practice of Feng Shui, could help boost clarity.

I Ghost People All Year Round

This pillow cover says exactly what I think. All day. Every day. It’s 18″ x 18″, and a hidden zipper makes it easy to remove the pillow so the exterior surface can be washed.

This pillow cover is the perfect conversation piece for a home, dorm room, or office. Unless you’re a therapist, if that’s the case, please don’t take this pillow to work. It might make your clients wonder.

Increase your dopamine! Boost your mental health. Give yourself a happy rush whenever you walk into your home when you see one or more of these adorable ghost pillows on your furniture. Some are soft and squishy. Others are hilarious statement pieces. Whatever your reasons for buying them, you’ll always feel a little happier when you see them.

Photo Credits: Canva | Pixabay | Amazon

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