642 Things to Write About: Facebook Status Updates for the Year 2017

Fair warning! Writing Facebook status updates isn’t exactly my specialty.  You know that person…that really annoying person who never really posts anything original but spends most of their time “liking” everyone else’s statuses.  That’s me. Here’s an example of the kind of activity I’m notorious for. “My boyfriend and I broke up.” – Like “I’m pregnant!!!” – No acknowledgement “I […]

642 Things to Write About: The Worst Thanksgiving Dish Ever!

Every year, my mother and her sisters draw a straw from a hat to figure out which one of them is going to fix Thanksgiving dinner for the family. Three years ago , Aunt Cecily drew the shortest straw, designating her as the Thanksgiving chef.  My mother and her sister Margaret nearly fainted.  Aunt Cecily was the kind of person fresh […]

642 Things to Write About: Tell a dying houseplant why it needs to live.

Dear Laverne and Shirley.  You are my favorite ferns of all time.  Ever since I first laid eyes on you at the super center, I knew you were the perfect accessories to my home. Here we are, three days later and the vibrant green that once occupied your petals/branches/watchamacallits, are now brown and withered. I fear our time together is […]

642 Things to Write About: What Can Happen in a Second?

The first writing prompt from, 642 Things to Write About,  asked: what can happen in a second? The answer:  The author stares at the question for two minutes trying to figure it out. I think for this writing prompt, instead of writing a story, I’ll make a list.  Maybe someday, I’ll make use of it. 1. I could drop something – […]

The Not-So-Amazing Adventures of Agnes Weatherby

“Seriously?”  Agnes stared at Amethyst, her mouth hung open as she took the leash in her hands.  “Yes, Agnes.” Amethyst exaggerated her nod, trying to get Agnes to pick up on her cue.  “Mrs. Simmons would like you to take Victoria on a walk around the block while she has her tea-leaf reading.  “But…”  “No buts,” Amethyst interrupted.  “Is there […]

Meet My Writing Team

A writer is only as good as her writing team.  So, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce everyone to my team.  First is my desk, Rodrigo.  Rodrigo is a custom desk built by my husband.  While his name may sound sexy to some, Rodrigo is a complainer.  He moans and groans all day long about having back pain. […]

Ron Howard’s Email Has Indigestion!!!

Rude much!!!  Maybe for Christmas I’ll send Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg some Pepto Bismol to give to their email accounts. Anyway, in my desperate attempt to get my friend, Amanda, recognized for her extraordinary debut release, Bewildered (now being considered for a Newbery Book Award).  I sent Ellen Degeneres an email asking her to invite Amanda onto her show. […]

Steven Spielberg’s Email Has Indigestion

Last night I posted on Facebook I was going to send Steven Spielberg and email regarding Bewildered by A. B. Harms.  This morning I spent about an hour composing the email.  To my great disappointment, the second I sent it to his Dreamworks address, it was kicked back to me.  Rude! Sigh….So I emailed Ron Howard instead.  But Allison, where […]

My Review of Bewildered by A.B. Harms

Bewildered by A.B. Harms My rating: 5 of 5 stars Bewildered, by A.B. Harms tells the tale of Prudence Parks, a young girl who doesn’t have time for nonsense. Thrown out the world she knew and into a new land, Prudence is forced to come face to face with strange creatures, talking dolls, and doppelgangers. Only by embracing her imagination […]