Scheduling Station 19

“You are a very happy man!” “Uh huh,” my husband muttered as he sat reading the news on his tablet. “No,” I said. “I don’t think you understand. You are a very happy man.” “I feel like I’m supposed to ask why but I’m a little afraid to,” he said, setting down his tablet. “You are a happy man because Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy, and The […]

It’s not all about Michigan!

It was in the wee hours of the horrific Facebook crash.   via GIPHY  I sat at my desk, procrastinating tinkering with my novel. Getting it ready to send to a beta reader. I decided to take a break. About a week or two earlier, I wrote a blog post about the differences between a coroner and a medical examiner. […]

Birthing a Book Blurb

For the last few months, I’ve been frantically working on my first novel. I’m currently working through the third draft and hope to have the book published later this year. As I’m entering the final stages of the actual writing, I’m preparing a list of things I need to do before I can publish my debut novel. So far my […]

Things you probably shouldn’t say in a church knitting group

I find myself in this predicament frequently. And it wasn’t as though I hadn’t been warned. Every voice in my head: fictional, real, imagined, my mother. They all screamed at me:   via GIPHY  via GIPHY  via GIPHY   Naturally I didn’t listen to any of those voices and last night at church, I crossed the line. The church we’re sort-of […]

Saving Chief Herrera – Part 2

Here is the conclusion to Monday’s blog, Station 19’s “Saving Chief Herrera” (The totally unauthorized episode – because I’m not one of the cool kids.) Chief Herrera What? Allison You heard me. Go home! I’m retired. And unlike some people, I didn’t score another television show. Go home. Only your daughter can save you. Tell her I said, hi. Chief Herrera […]

Saving Chief Herrera – Part 1

The season premiere of Station 19 was almost one month ago and I was very relieved to learn that Travis Montgomery – a.k.a. Jay Hayden – survived the fiery inferno. However, my theory on who the writers were going to kill off during the series premiere was off. Way off. In my post, Saving Travis Montgomery, I wrote that while […]

Unexpected Commentary

Earlier this month, I celebrated my 40th birthday. via GIPHYThe days following my 40th birthday were filled with a lot of excitement. I can now scratch surviving a hurricane off of my bucket list. In the interest of full disclosure, it was a tropical storm by the time it hit where I live in Georgia, but it was still a […]

Saving Travis Montgomery

Last week I wrote about my super-creepy infatuation with Jay Hayden and how concerned I was over the possibility that the writers of Station 19 were going to kill him off in the Season 2 premiere which is only:  at the time I wrote this blog. (I have three kids, two cats, and a husband who appreciates the occasional slap […]

Unacceptable ABC!

Last February I wrote a blog called My Not So Secret Celebrity Crush. It was all about my super-creepy obsession with the actor, Jay Hayden who is currently acting in Station 19 with a bunch of other people who are not Jay Hayden. And when I say super-creepy, I’m not exaggerating. He’s not an international sensation yet so when it came time […]