A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

642 Things to Write About: What Can Happen in a Second?

The first writing prompt from, 642 Things to Write About,  asked: what can happen in a second?

The answer:  The author stares at the question for two minutes trying to figure it out.

I think for this writing prompt, instead of writing a story, I’ll make a list.  Maybe someday, I’ll make use of it.

1. I could drop something – anything really. What have I dropped today?  Crumbs….no wait….that wasn’t me…that was my two-year-old.

2. I could stub my toe.

3. I could stare off into space while typing this up, wondering what the hell my husband is watching on television. It sounds like a fight is going down but there’s a kitten meowing in the background.

4. Car accidents – they only take a second to happen.

5. Annoying people.  I’m the reigning queen in this category and on a good day, it takes me less than a second.

6. Changing diapers.  I have a two-year-old who isn’t potty trained and a one-year-old who loves to climb on top of the two-year-old during a diaper change.  So….yeah….I have to move fast.

7. It only takes a second for my two-year-old to dump his food on the floor.

8. Frightening someone.  If you’re me, you tell your husband, upon returning home from having an ultrasound done, that the doctor made a mistake and you’re actually having not one, but twenty children.  Good times.

9. Writing a grocery list.  Normally this takes longer than a second, but it only takes a second for my toddler to grab my pen and run through the house with it.

10. Spelling errors.  They only take a second to make, but if you know the same people I do, you hear about those spelling errors everyday…for the rest of your life.

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