A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Dear Ellen: I’m Not Crazy; I’m a Genius!

I write letters to Ellen DeGeneres.  Why? Because I Can!

Dear Ellen,

The other day, my husband walked into the room and caught me talking to myself.  He asked me why I was talking to myself. I told him, “Because I’m trying to develop a character who’s crazy and I need an expert opinion.”

It turns out, I had it all wrong.  I’m not crazy, Ellen.  According to this article on Elite Daily, talking to yourself is a sign of genius.

It also suggests that I’m more organized (I know a few people who’d argue against that) and that I’m more likely to achieve my goals (if sitting on the couch all day, watching Netflix can be considered a goal.)

I shared this link to my Facebook account and one of my friends was quick to remind me that talking to invisible friends isn’t the same as talking to yourself.  I disagree.  After all, if no one else is in the room, clearly you’re talking to yourself.

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  1. As a writer, talking to imaginary friends is a good sign: it means your characters are alive. Even if they answer you, there’s no need for alarm. It’s only when these interactions happen with characters you hadn’t created that you need to start worrying…

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