A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Moving Misadventures

Earlier this month, we moved from Maryland to back to our house in Georgia. As far as the drive with three small kids and two cranky cats went, I’d say it was pretty smooth.



The only real glitch in our move was that the moving company decided after four months of promising to us that our furniture would be delivered to our house by July 2nd, they then decided they couldn’t be bothered to deliver it until the 10th. That left us in an empty house with three kids and very few toys.

It actually wasn’t that bad. We had a lot of errands to run with the kids so we managed and before we knew it, it was the day the moving truck arrived.

And this is where the rant begins.

First, let me start off by saying that the crew who delivered our furniture was fabulous! No snark or sarcasm intended. They arrived a few minutes before their scheduled time and worked very hard in awful heat. This rant is NOT about them. I liked them. They’re pretty!

Also for inquiring minds, this was a military move. The military picks the moving company we work with and we are required to have them do our packing for us which since we have three kids doesn’t really bother me except when the stuff like this happens.

This blog is dedicated to the DICKHEADS who packed our stuff in Maryland.


Let’s review the evidence.

When the movers came to our house in Maryland, they packed everything up and put the boxes into approximately four, large wooden crates that were sealed shut. The crates were driven to Georgia and placed into a storage unit (even though we requested a direct move which means it should’ve come straight to our house.) The movers in Georgia then had the crates loaded onto a truck. This was how the boxes came off the truck. The guys unloading the crates were just as horrified as we were which was kind of amusing to watch. I reassured them that this wasn’t our first move and we knew very well that the Georgia team wasn’t at fault for this. 


Just in case you’re not familiar with Hamilton Beach crock pots, they don’t normally look this. Our’s didn’t when we bought it. They usually come out of the box with the ceramic insert in one piece. Not six. RIP my loyal and faithful maker of dinner. You will be missed.


In the past, moving companies we’ve worked with have made a big deal about how all drawers are supposed to be emptied. I guess they just weren’t feelin’ it this day. Also, one of the drawers on my bedside table wouldn’t open at all because they jammed packing paper in it to prevent the contents (that they were supposed to put into a box) from moving around. And when they shoved the paper in the drawer, it bent up one of the books that was inside, causing the book cover to jam the drawer. Some people might say the book was to blame. I think it was the careless disregard the packing team had for our belongings. But then, that’s just me. Oh and regarding the above photo, I have one more question:

Yes, I know it’s just a set of plastic drawers but they were my plastic drawers and they now no longer function because of how they weren’t packed.


If I was only allowed one question to ask the movers it would be this: what in the HELL did that poor filing cabinet ever do to you? Just look at the dent in it! It looks like someone took their foot and kicked it as hard as they could.

Also lost in the move was a floor lamp. It’s hard to see in the picture where it was broken, but trust me, it is! Fortunately, nothing was lost….at least that we’re aware of. And as far as damages are concerned, we were quite fortunate. I’ve heard of moving horror stories that make this seem like a Disney movie. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to rant about it.

Calling all readers! Have you survived a moving misadventure? Tell me all about it in the comments! I love hearing from you!

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  1. I’ve seen similar escapades from commercial movers, too. I still mourn the popcorn popper that was bounced on the kitchen floor by the packers.

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