A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

What About the Dishes – Part 2 (And Probably Some Other Stuff)

A few weeks ago I pondered celebrating the Sabbath and what exactly the rules were. And last week I got my answer.

What I gleamed from the answers I received in Bible Club was that God doesn’t want celebrating the Sabbath to be stressful. So the goal should be to cut back by on our workload 90-95%. Which means I can still do the dishes.


And now for other random stuff.

Two weeks ago we celebrated Valentine’s day. The schools were closed for an administrative day and my husband was also home so it was a family day. The six-year-old wanted to make paper hearts to place around the house. I cut the hearts and she glued them. But the thing is, I wanted to do special hearts for my son and he LOVES Minecraft. So I made a black heart and glued green blocks on it. It looked like a checkerboard. My son was really excited for 30 seconds when he saw it. Then he looked at me and said, “But, Mommy, where is the Creeper’s face?

“I don’t know how to do a Creeper.”

“But, Mommy, you have do the Creeper face.”

I don’t know how, Buddy.”

Then he looked at me with this very sad face and said.

Twenty minutes later, with the help of Google, we had a green heart with a black Creeper face. This is how our house looked on Valentine’s day.

Here’s a free mom-hack for anyone interested. Stragetically place paper art on windows, covering finger and nose prints. That way you don’t actually have to clean the windows.


You’re welcome.

And then there was this past week. It’s been another interesting week for the Silver family. We’ve had some issues with the local elementary school. They set each child up with an account and whether or not there is any money in the account, the child is allowed to make purchases against the account without the knowledge or consent of the parents.


I didn’t know anything about this system until the 6-year-old started Kindergarten. The 7-year-old ate the food we sent him to school with every day. The 6-year-old, however, likes to indulge. And we found out when the school sent home a nasty gram letting us know that we had a negative balance on an account we didn’t know we had. An account they automatically set up for every parent. So, we had a conversation with the 6-year-old letting her know that the cafeteria food wasn’t free and she had to eat her own lunch. I also told her that if she wants something different for lunch to tell me and if she needed more food in her lunch to tell me.


Then I emailed the lunch lady and asked her to put a hold on both kids’ accounts so they couldn’t make unauthorized purchases. Why? Because I’ve heard horror stories from other parents about how they put money on their kids’ accounts to purchases lunches and found out that the money was being used to buy candy and other crap. The school is apparently assuming that elementary school kids are old enough to be financially responsible.


And then a few weeks later, we got another bill from the school for another purchase the 6-year-old was allowed to make. The lunch lady told me she put a hold on the account but someone must’ve let my daughter make the purchase anyway. And then yesterday, she was allowed to buy breakfast. So yet again, I had two more conversations with my daughter about not buying food and that if she’s still hungry after breakfast to tell me and I’ll give her more food. At this time, I was more annoyed with the lunch lady and school than I was with my 6-year-old for acting her age. I’m also annoyed because if you want to pay your kids’ bill online, the website charges a $2 convenience fee.

And then there’s the 7-year-old. Yesterday his teacher notified us that he scratched someone in gym class and that it did not happen during a play session. I talked to him about it when he came home and he told me he was very sorry. He said he was running in the gym and this student was in his way so he pushed him and accidentally scratched the other student when pushing him. We had a conversation about pushing.

And if that wasn’t enough excitement, earlier this week the 6-year-old got in trouble for spitting on another student. It turns out that she wasn’t trying to spit on the other student. She was trying to blow on the other student when the spit came out.

This morning when I put my kids on the bus, I reminded them not buy any food at school and also that they shouldn’t push, scratch, kick, bite, or blow on anyone at school. #thingsisaynow

And now here we are. The last week of February. That means only one thing.


Crazy hair day. Crazy sock day. Favorite book day. Green Eggs and Ham day. Edible underwear day.



I’m just kidding. There’s no edible underwear day. There is, however, something different we have to do every day that week. I’m already tired just thinking about it.

Thanks for shopping Snark, Sass, & Sarcasm. I’ll see you next time.


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