A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

What about the dishes?

I have a confession. I’m in a Bible club. That’s not the confession. The confession is that I’m very confused.


In Bible club we’re studying the Sabbath. I’m sure everyone reading this is familiar with the concept of the Sabbath. It’s where you spend one day of the week, traditionally a Sunday, resting to honor God and to remember that you are the creation not the creator. (I’m citing my Bible study here. I promise I’m not that insightful.)

The challenge is where everyone participating in Bible club is supposed to pick a day to honor the Sabbath. Here’s where I’m confused.


How is work defined? What are we allowed to do on the Sabbath? I’m up for the challenge but I need to understand what the rules are. After much hemming and hawing I got out my prayer journal and had a conversation with God on this very topic. This is what I wrote.

Dear Lord (That sounds weird)

I’m looking for clarity on how to celebrate the Sabbath in the world I live in now. What, exactly, is work? Is cleaning up the kitchen work? What about my Bible blog? Can I write that on the Sabbath? I mean, I’m spending the time with you. The Bible is open, and I’m learning about you. Does that count as work?

I guess what I really want to know is, can I do the dishes on the Sabbath? Can I clear them off the table and put them into the dishwasher or is that pushing it?


I know that in order to successfully celebrate the Sabbath, I’m going to need to be organized. But how organized? I can cook dinner the night before and feed everyone leftovers. Or we can order pizza. Unless that’s work. Is it work? But regardless of what we eat, there are going to be dishes. Should I go out and buy disposable dishes? Is throwing them out considered work? And while we’re on the topic of dishes, I pray, to you, that my husband learn the art of rinsing his dishes off before putting them in the sink. Also, I’m thankful to you, Lord, for the fact that my husband is alive. I know that a team of angels was dispatched the day of his car accident and that’s why he’s alive. I’m so very thankful that he’s made a full recovery and able to resume all of his old habits that make me bat-shit crazy and slightly homicidal at times.



What if I filled the sink with hot, soapy water when I wake up and then put the dishes in the water? I know the water will eventually get cold but at least I won’t be cursing under my breath because I have to scrub the dried bran flakes off the cereal bowl.

And while we’re still on the topic of work and how it’s defined….


…can I scoop the litter box? I have a cat who gets very cranky if her litter box isn’t scooped every day. So, is that considered work?


I’m very confused, Lord, and definitely overthinking this. Please help give me clarity on what is considered work so I can honor the Sabbath.


Bible club is tomorrow night and as long as the tornado-producing storms forecasted don’t touch down, I’ll be able to go and hopefully get clarity on this very topic.

Thanks for shopping Snark, Sass, & Sarcasm. I’ll see you next time!

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