A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Conversations I have with my cat

“Gwennie!”  I trotted downstairs looking for my cat.  “It’s time to work on your blog!” 

Gwennie was half asleep on the back of the sofa, her tail flopping gently against it. “What?!  I’m busy.”

“You’re not busy, you’re sleeping.”

“That’s the same thing.”  Gwennie stood up, turned around and sat back down again.  “Leave me alone.”

“It’s time to write your blog.”  I sat down on the couch and opened my netbook.  “Come on!  You’ve been sleeping all day.”

She lifted her head up and gave me her famous cranky look.  “Yeah!  On my left side.  In a minute I’m going to roll over and sleep on my right side.  Geeze!”  She sighed.

“Well…take a break from napping so we can work on your blog.”  The chime on my netbook alerted me that it was finally done booting up.

“I can’t take a break.  I’m on a tight schedule.”

“What schedule?  You don’t have a schedule.  You sleep all day, every day.”

“That’s not true!” She cranked.  “After I’m done sleeping I’m going upstairs to get dinner.  Then, I’m  going to walk back downstairs and brush my teeth against the couch – five times on each side of each tooth.  After that I’m going to clean my tail.”  She grabbed her tail with her front paws.  “It’s really quite pitiful-looking.”

Now it was my turn to sigh.  “Okay.  After all that then can we work on your blog.”

“No.” She pouted.  “I’m not in the mood.  And, remember Momma, you can’t rush genius; especially when genius is also known as Gwennie.”

Well there you have it – a cat with a diva attitude.

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