A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Conversations I have with my Cat – Part 3

Gwennie:  Momma.  Do you hear the little thing crying?

Me:  Oh yeah. I can hear him.

Gwennie:  Okay.  So the thing is that he’s upstairs in his room, crying.

Me:  Yes, Gwennie.  I know.

Gwennie:  See, the thing is that his room is right across from my room.

Me:  Your room?  Don’t you mean my room?

Gwennie:  No.  It’s mine.

Me: (Sigh)

Gwennie:  Anyway, I was in my room trying to sleep when the little thing started crying and he’s really loud.

Me: So?

Gwennie:  So?  What do you mean so?  I’m tired and I can’t concentrate on sleeping because the little thing is being really loud.

Me:  What exactly do you want me to do about it?

Gwennie:  Put a muzzle on him.

Me:  Gee, let me think.  Um.  NO!

Gwennie:  Momma!

Me:  Gwennie!  If you’re tired go sleep on the couch.

Gwennie:  I don’t want to sleep on my couch.  I want to sleep on my bed.

Me:  Then go sleep on your bed.

Gwennie: I can’t ’cause the little thing won’t stop crying.

Me: Well this is his house and he is the boss.

Gwennie:  I’M THE BOSS!

Me:  Shush!

Gwennie:  Don’t you shush me!

Me:  Hush!  Do you hear that?

Gwennie:  Hear what?  I don’t hear anything.

Me:  Exactly.  The baby stopped crying.

Gwennie:  Why?  What did you do to him?  You didn’t hurt him did you?

Me:  No.  He’s sleeping.

Gwennie:  Well it’s about time!  I don’t have all day to take a nap!

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