A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Conversations I have with my cat – Part 4

Gwennie:  Why’s the little thing crying now?

Me:  He’s sick.

Gwennie:  What did you do to him?

Me:  I didn’t do anything to him.  Sometimes babies get sick.

Gwennie:  Maybe you should return him.

Me:  Return him?

Gwennie:  Yeah. Return him.

Me:  I can’t return him.

Gwennie:  Sure you can.  Just do a return-to-sender.

Me: I can’d do a return-to-sender.

Gwennie:  Why not?

Me:  I made him.

Gwennie: From Play Doh?

Me:  No.  I grew him in my tummy.

Gwennie:  That’s disgusting!  Why would you say that?

Me:  Because it’s true.

Gwennie:  That’s not possible.  Babies don’t come from tummies.

Me:  Where do they come from?

Gwennie:  The stork brings them.

Me:  Who told you that?

Gwennie:  Walt Disney.

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