A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Conversations I have with my cat – Part 7

Gwennie: What are we doing in the bathroom, Momma?

Me:  Here I want you to try this on.

Gwennie:  What…..is…..that?  OH YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!!!

Me:  Hold still.

Gwennie: HELL NO!!! I’m NOT wearing that and you can’t make me!!!!!

Me:  Oh come on!  It’s cute.  You’ll look adorable in it.

Gwennie:  I look adorable with out it.  Just forget it!  It’s NOT gonna happen!

Me:  Here…..just….

Gwennie:  Get the hell away from me!  You’re nuts!

Me:  Come…..on…..it’s…not….gonna…HOLD STILL!

Gwennie:  Boy-Dadda!  Come quick!  Bring the spray bottle!  Momma’s being naughty!

Me:  I just need your left paw.

Gwennie:  Get the F&*% away from me!  You crazy B&*^%!!!  Someone help!!!!

Me:  There! (gasping for air)  You….look…..so cute!  And it only cost me…….the skin on 90% of my arm.

Gwennie:  Get this off RIGHT NOW!!!!

Me:  No.  We’re not done yet.

Gwennie:  Where are you going?  You get back here!

Me:  I’m getting my camera.

Gwennie:  WHAT???!!!!

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