A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Dear Homeowner’s Association

This blog series is dedicated to everyone who knows more than they ever wanted to about homeowner’s associations and some of the crazy things residents do.

A homeowner’s association wasn’t something I heard my parents talking about when I was growing up. As far as I know, my childhood home wasn’t part of an association. But later in life, I heard friends and coworkers talking about the pros and cons of homeowner’s associations.

Con – you have to make monthly payments and there are crazy restrictions on what you’re allowed to do to the exterior of the home you own.

What do you mean I can’t dress up the exterior siding of my house with shag carpeting? 

Pros- Homeowner’s associations can prevent residents from doing stupid things to their homes that could affect everyone’s resale value. Like, putting shag carpeting on the outside of their house.


But what amazes me are the stories I’ve heard from people I know who work on the HOA boards. These stories are



And they generally fall into two categories: Absurd complaints and ridiculous assumptions. After hearing a friend of mine share the latest absurdity, I’ve decided I can’t stay quiet any longer. All of the letters in this HOA series will either be examples of absurd complaints or ridiculous assumptions. Also, since the trio of women I used in my Judgy Moms post was so popular, I’ve decided to use them for this series as well. The following is an example of one of many ridiculous assumptions made by HOA residents.



 A Letter to Ms. Smith – HOA Secretary of Premier Properties:

You’re probably thinking:



Except that it does happen. Every day.

Thanks for shopping Snark, Sass, & Sarcasm. I’ll see you next time!

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