A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Dear M&M People

Today is day 7 of the Writer’s Digest challenge and I’m a bit behind.  Yesterday, we were supposed to follow a bunch of people on Twitter. Well, I was already following 800 some people on Twitter so I didn’t add anymore.  Oops.  Today’s challenge was to respond to three people who followed you back and say “hi” or anything that’s not, “Buy my book. Like my Facebook page.”

So, I went ahead and followed some new people and as soon as they follow me back, I’ll send out my tweets.

I didn’t write to Ellen today; but, I did write to the makers of M&Ms.  Here’s what the letter said.

Dear Makers of M&Ms,

Thank you! For the last six, agonizing months, I’ve been trying to potty train my – now – 3 1/2 son. Every potty training forum on the Internet said to reward kids with M&Ms. So we did. Little did we know that our son would favor a particular color. Over the 4th of July, we had to buy more M&Ms because my husband was eating our son’s rewards. As you’re well aware, the 4th of July candies were Red, White and Blue. Guess which color tastes the best. White. That’s right. Now when we reward him, he wants white M&Ms. About a month ago, we managed to find another 4th of July bag of M&Ms. Now the white candies are almost gone. I know my son will get over it. After all, chocolate is chocolate. But still, in case you’re wondering, the white M&Ms taste the best for a potty training reward.


Allison Silver

Reading over the letter, I wish it was funnier.  But I had the almost two-year-old screaming at me so I was a little distracted.

I haven’t heard back from any M&M people and I’m not expecting to.  Just so it’s clear, white M&Ms taste the best.


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