A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Diary of a Cranky Cat – Day 5

Dear Diary,

You’ll never guess what happened.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse – life suddenly got better.

All day long I cursed Momma, Boy-Dadda and the Little Thing for relocating me here and depriving me of my puff balls.  But this evening, as Momma and Boy-Dadda were getting ready for bed, Momma pulled something out of a plastic bag.  Then she smiled at me and said, “Don’t play with this,” as she dropped it on the floor in front of me.

“Don’t play with this.”  I repeated in a sarcastic tone.  “When has that ever worked?”  She’s out of her mind.  Her marbles must be in the same box as my missing puff balls.

I walked right over to where she dropped the object and took a sniff.  Dear diary, it was the sweetest, most familiar scent.  I knew instantly, the object was, in fact, one of my beloved puff balls.

I grabbed it before it could escape and ran out of the bedroom.  “Where have you been?”  I cried.  “Bad puff ball!  Bad, Bad Bad!  How could you leave me like that?  You know how lonely I get with out you.”

Puff ball just sat there a piece of cotton.  I picked puff ball up again and carried it from room to room, chastising it while giving it a tour at the same time.  Then to make it perfectly clear that disappearing was completely unacceptable, I took Puff ball down stairs and drowned it in my water dish.  That’ll teach it!

Later that night, Puff ball and I sat outside of Momma and Boy-Dadda’s door getting caught up.  I told Puff ball all about the car ride, my brief stay in Atlanta and how Boy-Dadda left Little Missy and I all alone for weeks, days, minutes, years and months.  I would have meowed the night away but Boy-Dadda opened up the door, laughed, then said, “Hi goof.”  After which, he scooped up Puff ball, dropped it inside the bedroom and shut the door.

“Well that was rude,” I said.  Not having much choice in the matter, I decided to go downstairs and raid the kibble dish.  After that, I saw Little Missy sleeping on the edge of the couch, so, I knocked her off and then went back upstairs.

This is Captain Gwennie – Signing off!

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