A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Diary of a Cranky Cat – I Read the Little Thing a Story

Once upon a time there lived a very annoying, useless, drooling dog named, The Little Thing.  He lived in an enchanted cave called, the crib.  He never, ever left the crib.  EVER!  Especially at night because at night evil, malignant trolls invaded his bedroom.  These trolls were very, very dangerous. If their victims made any noise or movement at night, then the trolls would climb on top of them and slowly eat them.  They had very sharp teeth so being eaten alive was always very painful.  The trolls especially loved eating Little Things named The Little Thing.  So every night when Momma or Boy-Dadda put the Little Thing to bed he had to lay very, very, extremely quiet in his crib and not cry, fuss or move AT ALL until morning.  Otherwise the trolls would eat him to death and he would die.
– The End –
“Okay Little Thing.  It’s time to go night, night.”  I walked over to the dresser and jumped on top.  With my head directly over the baby monitor, I called out.  “Momma!”
“Gwennie?”  Momma asked over the monitor.  “How did you get into the nursery?”
“I was investigating a shadow under the crib when somebody shut the door, locking me in.  Rude!”
“Okay.  I’ll come get ya.”
“Oh gee!  That’s so nice of you.  Don’t rush or anything.  I wouldn’t want you to sprain something!”
It’s exhausting to be me.

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