A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Diary of a Cranky Cat – It was a wonderful dream!

Gwennie Photo by A. Marie Silver
Photo by A. Marie Silver

Dear Diary,

I was surrounded by thousands of puff balls.  They were my minions and I was their queen.  We lived in a castle on top of a hill.  Catnip grew wild all around me.  Momma and the minion resided with me but Boy-Dadda and the Little Thing were banished from my kingdom.  Little Missy was given a life sentence and placed in a windowless tower so that her ugliness wouldn’t torture anyone else.  It was the best dream ever!

I was sitting on my throne about to order an invasion of a neighboring village when I felt someone tapping on my shoulder.  I turned but no one was there.  A few seconds later, I felt the tapping again.  I turned and once again no one was there.  Then I felt a strange, tingling sensation in my tummy.  The room spun and I was pulled into a vortex.  When I woke up, I found myself back on the kitty condo.  Momma was standing over me, poking my shoulder.

“Quit it, Prevert!”

“You’re snoring,” she said.

“Of course I’m snoring!  That’s what cats do when they’re sleeping!  Moron!”

I tried my best to return to my kingdom but unfortunately I never made it back there.  It was a wonderful dream.  If I ever make it back there I’m going to banish Momma to the same tower Little Missy is in.  That’ll teach her!

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  1. I’m a cat lover Gwennie, and I know you from a different life, and from this life. But that’s a secret, if you get my meaning. Your stories are funny. Keep telling them!
    Cheers, Addison

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