A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Eight Reasons Why I’m Bat-Shit Crazy

I know what you’re thinking:  Why eight?  Why not five or ten?  Well, I was aiming for ten reasons but my multiple personalities got into a fight with my auditory hallucinations and the end result was one hell of a headache. 

8. I apologize to the furniture and the walls when I bump into them.

7. I name all of my electronic devices and assign them personalities.  For example, my iPad is Igor and he’s quite the snob.  My net book (a Toshiba) is Terrance and he’s a workaholic.  I forget my cell phone’s name but he was lazy and never felt like finding a signal.

6. I talk to myself.

5. I answer myself.

4. I have conversations with my cat.

3. I set my cat up with a Twitter account (@CatGwennie – in case you don’t believe me).

2. My cat and I banter with each other via Twitter.

1. I just set my cat up with a Pinterest account (http://pinterest.com/catgwennie – in case you don’t believe me.)

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