A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

My Ghostly Encounter at the Sorrel Weed House

Courtyard of the Sorrel Weed House

This experience definitely tops all the times I played Bloody Mary in the bathroom or even the time I thought someone whispered “Choya” in my ear while I was staying at the very haunted St. James Hotel in New Mexico.  I honestly think I was just imagining it.  Of all the crazy things a ghost could whisper in your ear while you’re trying, miserably, to sleep – I doubt it would be “Choya.”

While the Moon River Brewing Company did not give me the creeps the Sorrel Weed house most definitely did.  From the time we entered the courtyard until the time we left I had goosebumps everywhere and chills that crawled slowly up my spine. 

Some of the rooms we were in had electricity; but this plus the fact that I was with two other people, didn’t offer much comfort for me.  Every so often I felt the need to turn and look behind myself.  I also felt the need to keep my back against a wall. 

On the list of freaky occurrences in this house are shadow figures, people who heard humming in their ears, the sounds of a party going on in the middle of the night.

 These are photographs taken of the room where the sounds of a party have been heard in the middle of the night. Either a property maintenance man or the current owner, used to live in the room directly above and on occasion would hear the sounds of people laughing and glasses clinking.  He’d come down to the room to investigate and find it completely empty.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this house was the place to go during the Civil War for parties.

Shadow figures were often seen near this fireplace.  Figures have also appeared in the fireplace in photographs taken by other tourists that were sent back to the tour guide for verification.  As you can see, I had no such luck.

 If I remember correctly, these photos on the right are of the sitting room/parlor where Mrs. Sorrel would bring her guests to be entertained.

Shadow figures were reported by the fireplace and figures have been seen in the mirror also.

I have absolutely no idea who the guy in the painting is.

 This gentleman was our tour guide.

 Spooky figures of soldiers have been seen in the window in this picture.

These pictures are views of a very creepy balcony.  The picture of the tiled pavement is where Mrs. Sorrel “fell” after finding her husband in an embrace with their head slave, Molly. 

The window Mrs. Sorrel “fell” out of is one floor above this balcony.  It doesn’t look like a fall that would kill anyone, except that when she fell she landed on her head. 

After the balcony we went into the basement which was pitch black.  That alone should tell you something about my little point and shoot Nikon – it has a great flash.

 This basement was cold and super-duper creepy (probably because we couldn’t see anything)

This is actually where the kitchen was when the Sorrel’s lived here (and probably for the Weed family as well).

Makes you wonder what genius would design a house so that the kitchen is in the basement and the dining room is on the second floor. 

We were standing near these steps when my sister-in-law asked the tour guide if anyone had ever reported hearing a humming sound. 

He told us that yes, people have reported hearing humming sounds while in that room of the basement. My sister-in-law is now on that list of people who heard humming sounds. It was because she heard a humming sound that she asked the tour guide about it.

Here’s where things really started to get creepy (as if we really needed an extra dose).  See the picture of the television.  It was a monitor set up for the infrared cameras placed through out the basement.  Sheri and I stood there and watched orbs fly in and out of the room we were standing in and we also saw a really eerie mist float into the very room we were standing in. 
Talk about spine-tingling!

Was that enough to get us to run away!  Heck no! We continued on to Molly’s room. Two weeks after Mrs. Sorrel “fell” to her death, Molly was found hanged from a beam in her room.  A maintenance guy who lived in the building actually stayed in Molly’s room.  I wonder if he knew the history. 

I apologize for not taking better pictures but, once again, this room was pitch black.  The photograph on the bottom left (the one with the beams) I believe contains the beam Molly was found hanged on.  Regrettably, I don’t know which one exactly.  The picture on the bottom right has a little crawl space.  Apparently during one of the tours our guide gave, a tourist photographed the image of man/boy sitting on this ledge next to the crawl space.  
Before we walked into this room our guide did warn us that a lot of activity had been reported in this room.  He told us if we wanted Molly’s attention we should say hello and introduce ourselves.  Watching a mist float into the room we were standing in, prior, was about all the “attention” I wanted for one night.
When I walked into the room I said, “Hello Molly.  I don’t need a formal introduction. I’m here to take a couple of pictures and then I’ll be out of your hair.”  (Head shake) I should have known better.
While we were standing the room I felt a finger-stroke down the back of my left arm.  I turned and caught a glimpse of my sister-in-law moving behind me and figured it was her.  When I mentioned it she looked at me and said it wasn’t her.  I thought she was pulling my leg and insisted it had to have been her.  The tour guide asked me what it was I felt and when I told him it was a finger-stroke down my arm he immediately said, “It couldn’t have been her because she had both hands on her camera.”
(You might be asking yourself – if the room was pitch black how could you tell?  Well, the room was pitch black but light from the street was shining in allowing some illumination.)
Sheri then said, “I wasn’t anywhere near you.”
Queue the theme from Twilight Zone.  Yes that’s right folks – I got poked by a ghost.
Being the control freak that I am, I did the only thing I could think of to do. I called out into the darkness, “Molly!  I asked you NOT to do that!  It’s not very nice to freak out the one person in the room who wants to be left alone!”
‘Cause yelling at a dead person is really going to solve a lot.
Since we were the only people there for that tour, our guide did offer to let us stay and spend more time in Molly’s room or revisit other rooms of the house but after my experience, I was done and I wanted to get the hell out of there. I swore when we left I would never go back.  But, the next morning I had a different out look and I would actually go back – with my big, burly husband to protect me.
I asked Sheri the next morning, again, if it was her I felt and she said, “Allison, if I had done that I would have told her right after.”
So there you have it!  I survived Savannah, The Moon River Brewing Company, and the Sorrel Weed House.  I left with over 700 photos, a few souvenirs and the awareness that I had been poked by a ghost.  We accomplished a lot in two days.  I can’t wait to go back for more!


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