A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Gwennie and the Nesting Robin

Me:  Gwennie, what are you doing?

Gwennie:  I’m looking at a blog on the Internet.

Me:  Really?  Which blog?

Gwennie: http://nestingrobin.blogspot.com/

Me:  What’s that about?

Gwennie:  Well, apparently it has absolutely nothing to do with birdies. Rude!

Me:  Why did you assume it would?

Gwennie:  Because of the title.  Nesting Robin.  Robins are birdies and they have nests.

Me:  Well, that’s excellent cat logic.

Gwennie:  I know.

Me:  So what’s the blog about?

Gwennie:  This poor lady is having trouble having litters of her own.

Me:  Litters?

Gwennie:  Yes Momma, Litters. She can’t have a kitty of her own so she’s adopting one from South Korea.

Me:  Do you know where South Korea is?

Gwennie:  Uh huh.  It’s near Idaho.

 Me:  (Giggle) Are you sure?

Gwennie:  Of course.  I feel bad though.

Me: Why?  Adoptions are a happy thing.

Gwennie:  Yeah but this poor lady is probably going to get stuck with one of those ugly fur-less kitties.

Me:  Ugly?  Fur-less?

Gwennie:  Yeah.  You know.  Just like the Little Thing.

Me:  The Little Thing is not ugly.  He’s not supposed to have any fur.

Gwennie:  Whatever.  How long did it take you to adopt him?

Me:  We didn’t adopt him.

Gwennie:  Sure you did.  You had to adopt him.  He doesn’t look anything like me.

Me: (Sigh) Is that my credit card?

Gwennie:  Yep.

Me:  Why do you have my credit card?

Gwennie:  It says on this blog that adopting a fur-less kitty is really expensive so she started a business on Etsy.com (http://www.etsy.com/shop/NestingRobin?ref=em) to raise money.  So I’m going to buy a toy to help her raise her allowance money.

Me:  Well that’s nice of you but don’t you think you should’ve asked before taking my credit card?

Gwennie:  No.  Ooh!  Momma!  Look!  She’s got a picture of a birdy.  It’s a pretty birdy!  Can I have the birdy picture?  Can I? Can I? Can I?  Huh?  Huh?  Huh?  Birdy!  Birdy!  Birdy!

Me:  Calm down!  What are you going to do with a picture of a bird?

Gwennie:  I’m going to drool on it and sleep with it and sing to it and then I’m going to EAT IT!

Me:  You can’t eat it.  It’s a picture.  It’s not real.

Gwennie:  What’s your point?

Me:  (Sigh)

Gwennie:  You’ve been sighing a lot lately.  Maybe you should take a nap.

Me:  You’re probably right.  But first I’m taking back my credit card.  If we buy anything it’s going to be the set of three nautical themed pictures.  They’re perfect for the baby’s room.

Gwennie:  I’M THE BABY!

Me:  I mean the Little Thing.

Gwennie:  You know Momma, sometimes I think you like the Little Thing more than me.

Me:  Gwennie, you and Little Miss will always be my favorite fluffy babies.

Gwennie:  I know.

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