A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Gwennie’s Follow-up Letter to Santa Cat

Dear Santa Cat,

I’m writing this letter to you out of great concern.  As you’re well aware, I wrote you a letter respectfully requesting you to send me a return-to-sender box to put the Little Thing in.

(Normally I don’t request anything.  I demand!  I made an exception for you this time.  Therefore, you should be honored.)

Here’s the thing Santa Cat,  if the Little Thing is going to be sent back to whatever dimension he came from, why does he have presents under the tree?  Things are clearly getting out of hand.  Momma is obviously getting far to attached and we need to work together to fix this before any more damage is done.

Make haste, Santa!



The box should have holes in it so the Little Thing can breathe.  Don’t forget Little Missy’s new face.  Oh…and please don’t eat all the cookies again like you did last year.

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