A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Gwennie’s Letter to Santa Cat

Dear Santa Cat,

I’ve been a very, extremely good girl this year.  If you need verification, just ask Jesus.  I wrote him a letter asking him to forgive me for any naughtiness that may have occurred over the past year and since he hasn’t responded, I assume we’re good to proceed with the Christmas presents.

My list is as follows:

1.  A return-to-sender envelope to put the Little Thing inside of.  Actually, scratch that.  Make it a box instead.  Momma insists on feeding the Little Thing and he’s probably too big for an envelope.

2.  Puff Balls – Lots and lots of puff balls!  The ones I currently own have decided to hide underneath two bookshelves and a stereo cabinet.  Until they come out of hiding, I’ll need additional puff balls to keep me entertained.

3.  Catnip – I need a little something to take the edge off every now and then.  My life is very, extremely rough.  I’m not appreciated like I should be.

4.  A face transplant for Little Missy.  No one should have to go through life looking that ugly.  Oh! And when you see her, don’t be afraid.  She’s ugly, not dangerous!

5.  A gift card to Petsmart and Petco so I can pick up any additional items I forget to ask for.

Well Santa, that about does it.  I look forward to seeing these items under the Christmas tree (If I decide not to knock over the Christmas tree first.)


Gwendolynn Anne Marie Stefani Collins Silver


Please include gift receipts.  Last year I decided I didn’t like half the stuff you brought and the option to exchange them would’ve been nice.

***A note from Gwennie’s human minion – If you enjoyed this blog please feel free to share it!  That would make Gwennie very happy and a happy cat is a happy life!***

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