A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Gwennie’s New Year Resolutions

Hello people! This is Gwennie. I have exciting news! Not only did the world not end but this post here marks 100 posts – just in time for the end of 2012. In honor of both the end of the year and this very post I’ve decided to share with all of you my resolutions for 2013. Are you honored? YOU SHOULD BE!!!!

(Sigh) Here they are: My resolutions!

1. Find and destroy Santa Cat (that lying old geezer!)

2. Locate a veterinarian who specializes in face transplants.

3. Contact a local adoption agency to come and take the Little Thing away.

4. Take Momma to a doctor and have her neutered so she can’t have anymore Little Things.

5. Kidnap Momma – (post-surgery so she’s still sedated) and move the two of us back to my beloved apartment in Kansas City (the one with the duckies).

6. Leave Boy-Dadda and Little Missy a forwarding address for Mars so they’ll never find us.

7. Take a nap.

8. Take a bath.

9. Eat kibbles…..and bits…

10. Go back to bed!

(Hmmm. Those don’t really sound like resolutions do they? Oh well!) Cheers everyone!

Oh…and Momma says to say that we wish everyone a safe and happy new year….and don’t drink and drive….and look both ways when crossing the road because if you don’t look where you’re going then you might hit the chicken and then he’ll never get to the other side. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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