A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Gwennie’s Resolution to the Little Thing Dilemma


“Yes, Gwennie.”  Geeze.  I’m surrounded by things yelling at me.  If it’s not the baby than it’s Gwennie or Little Miss.

“You seem overwhelmed.  Are you overwhelmed Momma?”  Gwennie sat on the kitchen floor, flopping her tail around while I fed Baby.

“No.  I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”

“Well,” Gwennie jumped up on the table and sat down.  Baby smiled and laughed when he saw her. “It’s just that ever since the Little Thing came into our home, you’re constantly busy.  You can hardly sit down before he yells at you for something. It just doesn’t seem fair.”

She’s up to something.  Where’s she going with this?  “That’s life.  It’s not always fair; but I enjoy it.”  I smiled at her, trying not to let her know that I was on to her.

“You’re a very good sport Momma.  But I was thinking,” Gwennie stood up and walked over to me.  She lowered her head – it was her way of politely requesting a head rub.  “Life would be so much easier if we got rid of the Little Thing.”

“We’re not getting rid-“

“Just hear me out,” she interrupted.  “He’s been mobile a lot lately.  What if we just left the front door open and turned our backs on him?  Maybe he’d crawl outside.  No harm no foul.”

“No.”  I shook my head and wiped the baby’s formula-sweet potato collection off of his face.  “It would take him too long to crawl outside. What if Evil twin got inside while we were waiting for him to escape?”

Gwennie sighed.  “Momma.  The Little Thing is just a little thing.  You can’t expect miracles from him.  We’ll put him in the hallway close to the door.  That way he wouldn’t have to work so hard to get outside.”

“Gee.  Let me think about that….um…..NO!”


“What do you mean, Why?  He’s my baby.”


Sigh.  “He could get hurt.  He could get hit by a car.”

“Well then he’d learn the hard way to look both ways before crossing the road.”



“The Little Thing is staying.  If you don’t like it, I’ll leave the door open and YOU can go run outside.”

“Don’t be silly, Momma.  I’m an indoor cat.  I don’t go outside.  It’s dirty.”

Oh for the love of pecan pie!  What will she up with next?

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