A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Gwennie’s Response to a Blog Comment

Dear Diary,

Boy oh boy do I have a whopper for you.  Last night I received a comment on my blog.  The post was the one where I thought Momma was going to take me for a walk and then didn’t.  The mere thought of it still breaks my heart.

I was anxious and excited to read what one of my gazillion fans had to say about it. 

Here is what was written:

To manage your Business accounting services profitably, you need the correct and accurate financial data, advice and services. iAct provide you with the accounting, bookkeeping, tax, payroll, business consultation and other business services you need most to run your business smoothly. You can depend on us, we give top priority to your business and respond promptly with services specifically suited to your accounting, payroll and tax needs. We wish great success to your business

As you probably have guessed I have a few problems with this comment.

First:  The individual writing it never said how sorry he was about my heartache, pain, sorrow and misery – RUDE! An offer of a cyber hug or shoulder to cry on would’ve been nice.

Second:  Unless there is a mind-manipulation device I can use to control Momma and Boy-Dadda then the only business service I have any interest in is the one that keeps my litter box clean and my food dish full.  I should think that would be obvious.

Third:  I’M A CAT!!!!  What kind of dumb ass sends a cat an advertisement? And what financial data is he talking about?  Am I supposed to start counting my kibbles?


I have come to the conclusion that my hair balls possess more intelligence than some humans do.

This is Gwennie – Signing off!

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