A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

Gwennie’s Review of The Day The Dogs Took School Over! – Part 2

Me:  Okay Gwennie!  Tell all of our nice readers what the book is about and what you thought of it.

Gwennie:  Well the book is about a teacher who walks into a classroom that has a lot of smelly, dirty foul….

Me:  Gwennie!  Let’s leave out unnecessary adjectives.

Gwennie:  (Sigh)  Fine.  The teacher walks into a classroom and finds out that her students are dogs.  It’s a good thing they came to school because dogs are naturally stupid.

Me:  Gwennie!

Gwennie:  What?!

Me:  Let’s let the readers of the book come to their own interpretations.

Gwennie:  Fine. The teacher comes into the classroom and finds out that her students are dogs of all different breeds and each breed is a different size with different colors.  The teacher speaks in rhyme as she introduces each of them and identifies what breed they are.

Me:  Anything else?

Gwennie:  The pictures in the book are very pretty and colorful and depict – I said depict Momma. –

Me:  Yes. You’re very smart.

Gwennie:  They depict the doggies in different outfits.  The only thing awful about this book is that nowhere in it does it mention how extraordinary I am.  Also there are no pictures of my fluffy belly.

Me:  That’s because it’s not about you.

Gwennie:  Whatever.  Anyway, I really like the rhyming and it was very clean.  There were no swear words anywhere in the book like there are in your blog.

Me:  Gwennie!

Gwennie:  Momma!  I’m just saying that it’s age appropriate for children of all ages because Aunt Sheri doesn’t cuss like you.

Me:  Gwennie!

Gwennie:What?!  You swear more than boy-dadda and he’s a sailor.  I think you even made him blush a few times.

Me:  Gwendolynn Anne Marie Stefani Collins Silver!

Gwennie:  Gesundheit!

Me:  Ha! Ha! – Wait.  When did you learn German?

Gwennie:  I Googled it.

Me:  Of course you did.

Gwennie:  May I continue?

Me:  Why not?!  I give up!

Gwennie:  The moral of the story is that even though doggies are different shapes and sizes it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be edumacated.

Me:  Edumacated?

Gwennie:  That’s what I said.  Edumacated!

Me:  You mean educated?

Gwennie:  No, I meant edumacated.

Me:  (Sigh)  What do you think human children will learn from this book?

Gwennie:  That cats are superior beings.

Me:  Gwennie!

Gwennie:  What?! 

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