A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

If Baby Could Talk – Part 3

Bottle!  Bottle!  Bottle!  Want Bottle!  Bottle! Bottle! Bottle!

No!  Don’t want rice cereal!  Quit feeding me that!  Put that spoon away and get me bottle!  Bottle!  Bottle!

Where’s Bottle?  Don’t tell me it needs more time in the bottle warmer!  I don’t want to hear that!  Want Bottle Now!  Bottle!

What are you doing?  Hey!  Unless there’s an app for bottle on your iPad you’d better put it away……Ooh!  Pretty colors…….Momma, look!  Those are horsies!  Wow!  Those are big horsies!  Is that a fishy?  I like fishies!

(Bottle warmer dings in the background)

Giggle!  Those puppets are funny!  Momma I like this show…..Hey!  I was watching that!……Bottle!  Gimme!  Gimme! Gimme!

(Gulp, gulp, gulp)  Bottle…..Love Bottle.

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