A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

If Baby Could Talk – Things I Put In My Mouth

Do you see my new toy?  It has all kinds of things I can put in my mouth. Do you see the red and purple cups in front? They come out. Guess where they go.  They go in my mouth and then I throw them on the floor.

Do you see the bumblebee?  It goes in my mouth.  It doesn’t go on the floor but it will wobble back and forth.

It’s the same thing with the caterpillar.  It goes in my mouth but can’t fall on the floor.

I’d put the ladybug in my mouth but when I try she spins.  A mirror is on the other side and sometimes I see a little boy inside.

This ball is super fun. When I spin it little balls inside make a rattling sound and the picture of the bee spins around.

See those seat belts sitting inside.  They keep me safe.  But when momma isn’t looking the ends go in my mouth.

Many other things not pictured here also go in my mouth:

My onesie goes in my mouth when I can make it stretch but also:

My blanket,
burp cloth
My foot
Socks on my foot.
Momma’s hair,
Momma’s necklace,
My toy giraffe
My car seat straps
My high chair straps
My fist

When I’m at the doctor’s office:

The Stethoscope goes in my mouth
The blood pressure cuff for the big kids goes in my mouth
The tissue paper on the examining table goes in my mouth
Oh  – and the thing that goes in my ear – it really should go in my mouth.

and of course, my bottle, binky and spoon all go in my mouth. Momma says this is just the beginning. She says when I start to crawl the game is going to be on.  I don’t know what that means but if I can  put it in my mouth I’ll be happy.

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