A. Marie Silver

A. Marie Silver

If Baby Took Out a Personal Ad

Hi.  My name is Button.  I’m a five month old Caucasian male.  I have reddish-blond hair, blue eyes and a smile guaranteed to melt the crankiest momma’s heart.

I’m very mature for my age.  I go through 8-9 diapers a day.  I’m able to hold my head up.  I can eat rice cereal from a spoon and I’ve recently figured out if I grab my knees I can sway my hips from side to side.  I can also roll from my stomach to my back.

Hobbies: blowing bubbles with my spit, random babbling, and occasionally squealing for no particular reason. 

Favorite Cuisine – Enfamil, Similac, whatever.  I have a very good appetite.

Favorite things to put in my mouth – I’m pretty easing-going on this.  Most days it’s my Binky or my fingers.  I also enjoy putting my rattle in my mouth along with my ball and my blankie.

Favorite Games:  Binky Toss – It’s very simple.  I pull my Binky out, stare at it and then throw it.  The best part of this game is watching Momma crawl under furniture to get it.

Diaper Freak-out – Another very simple game.  I tinkle just a little in my diaper. feign a melt-down and then time Momma to see how long it takes her to change my diaper.  She’s very fast.

Looking For:  A little girl to roll around on the floor with me.  She can share my blankie but she MUST bring her own Binky.  When I’m older, I’ll most likely be into frogs and lizards and things.  My ideal girlfriend will also share those interests.  If not, I’ll just push her in the mud and run away (What better way is there to tell a girl you like her?)

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